Own seed farms
with acreage ~300ha

As the owner of agricultural firm, which has major share in seed production in Central Europe, we would like to invite You to explore the possibility of working with us. We are able to produce sowing materials of common vegetables.

Seed trading company
Seed trading company
Family company

We invite you to work with us!

The perfect solution:





Together with our seeds, we will provide you with all necessary certificates of quality. In addition, as our client you will have the option of monitoring the seed nursery yourself, together with Polish State Seed Commission and other European quality-control institutions.

We guarantee the lowest prices of seeds' multiplication!
We can accommodate special circumstances!

Preciseness is our
everyday standard

We believe that honesty pays in long term,
open minded and friendly business is our life.

Drone videos

Full control over the production process

Our agronomists monitor fields several times a year and prepare reports including 4K/FHD drone videos (50-120 fps) and detailed pictures with all descriptions.

We verify plant health status and genetical purity as well. Thanks to keeping correct crop rotation and isolations, we do not have problems caused by too intensive production or crossing defects.