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Onion sets Takki varietes

Major onion sets dealer in Poland (the exclusive distributor of Takii varieties for Central and Eastern Europe)

Seed trading

Seed trading company

Carrrot, parsley, red beet

Main seed crops: onion, carrot, parsley, red beet, pea, bean, dill, radish, cucumber, pepper, squash, cress, chives, bunching onion etc.

Own Seed Farm

Own Seed Farms with acreage ~300 ha

Breeding station

Breeding station
Holding (cooperation with seed producers-total acreage ~1.000 ha)

Professional staff

Professional staff

Family company

The founder of the seed farm is Zbigniew Jazic, a graduate of the Agricultural Academy in Poznan. Initially, with relatively little cultivation land at his disposal, he quickly realized that he would not succeed in establishing a traditional agricultural farm. Thus was born the idea of starting a farm specializing in seeds of agricultural plants. In the 1970s, Jazic began working with firms reproducing seeds of grasses, pod plants and sugar beet. Thanks to the experience he acquired and contacts in the seed business he was able to start working with one of the biggest seed-producing nurseries. His firm reproduced seeds of onion, leeks, carrot and parsley, to name a few. With time, the assortment of vegetables grew and so did the scale of production on his farm. His knowledge, experience and the fact that he used latest farm technologies made it possible to reproduce F1-hybrid mixed varieties for the Dutch firm Bejo Zaden and others. Systematic technological improvements and increased size of the farm made Zbigniew Jazic's Seed Farm one of the largest enterprise of its kind in Poland.

Today, Zbigniew Jazic's son Przemyslaw continues the family tradition in the sowing business. He took over the farm after graduating from the Academy of Agriculture in Poznan. He realized that in such a narrow branch of production it is not enough to create proper climate conditions and secure the farm's technical base, and that accumulated knowledge and skills are the key to success. In 2004 he enrolled in a Ph.D. program in the Poznan University of Life Sciences. He continues to maintain close contact with professors and scientists. He keeps track of latest research developments in the field and has access to the most advanced technical equipment in Poland. Translating his knowledge into practice on his farm enables him to produce seeds whose quality meets the highest standards.